Near the horizon,
In the fields so calm,under the morning sky,
I sat there all so lonely ,to contemplate,perplexed;
Wind,so proudly,turned the pages of my past,
Bringing to light,feelings that from years were suppressed.

Sun was so solemn,so warm,
And memories of my golden spent days made me feel blessed.

I was busy going through the corridors of my thoughts,
When suddenly,
The sun shifted a bit and hazy winds took me away, messed;
Reminding me of days that were perfect and I never complained.

The carriage ,with sun,continued and me as the only passenger,
The pages turned again,to memories,tensed;

It shifted closer to the horizon,ready to set,
Magical serenity of the evening enlightened every mood with friendships most prized and memories most cherished.

When the sky was dark , there was freezing cold ,
Those were the moments when I was left all alone and my potentials I realised.

The sun has now finally came to sight,
With this new year eve approached
The dawn has broke and everyone relieved.
I start ,as fresh as a whole new day,
For the destination is now closer and every thought determined!!

-Anushka Rai

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The entire ISMDiaries Team comes together to create articles to be shared via the Team ISMDiaries handle. What you are reading is a culmination of efforts of several members of our team and no one in particular.

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