Uniqueness is what makes us stand apart!

It drives us. It powers us!

Distinctive, it is what we are!

We are the students of Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad!!

Labels don’t really impress, it’s the uniqueness and risk in decor that inspire.

With this thought, the institution excelled in its specified field of earth sciences and broke all the shackles of becoming one of the topmost colleges in the world. With its omnipresent alumni, who bagged the top most positions in the earth science and power related companies; this college has become a brand in itself.

But due the developments in past decade or two, the scenario of higher education has changed drastically and so has the expectation from this college. After successfully delivering brilliant minds in earth sciences that brought POWER to country, the college has evolved into a fully fledged engineering college with all the core branches including Mechanical, Computer Science, Electrical, Civil etc.

Since the college has been admitting students through IIT-JEE since 1996, so the demand for its conversion into an IIT came up in the year 2008. This was the time when it was felt that a BRAND was necessary to uphold the LEGACY. This was the time when the dream of IIT Dhanbad shimmered in the eyes of the ISMites. But this was just the beginning of a struggle, lot more was destined to follow. Now that we have completed our 6 years of struggle with all the usual means i.e. peaceful strikes, approaching position holders in government, flooding twitter etc, and the movement has reached to a critical stage. It’s the time for a BIG decision to come. So once again, maintaining the exclusivity, ISMites have deduced a very inimitable method to shift the decision completely in their favour.

The students of ISM Dhanbad have initiated the #‎KnowledgePacketChallenge to bring the ‘Acche Din’ of Education. Inspired by the world famous Ice Bucket Challenge, about 2000 students of ISM Dhanbad delivered this knowledge packet to children living in Dhanbad locality. The contents of this knowledge packet are: 1 basic All in One book, 1 copy, 2 pencils, 1 eraser and 1 sharpener. Each student has further nominated 3 other students from different IITs and other colleges in order to spread this noble cause of providing education to one and all. In case, if someone is not able to do it within 24 hours, he shall have to donate Rs 25/- to PM Relief Fund on pmindia.nic.in.

So join this movement to EDUCATE India and to bring justice to the students FUELING YOUR FUTURE!!!