It was one of the luckiest night of my life. It was 7 pm,  when I  checked out my documents and faced a glitch in them. My documents were still incomplete and I was in need of quintessential ten stamp sized photos. My documents were not complete b’coz of my Bullshit black pen , which became inkless while filling my library card form which was incomplete. Now, at that time I was thunderstrucked !! felt like vampires  and werewolves were surrounding me , asking me for my blood. It was the time, when I didn’t know whether I have to share it with my father or not. I  didn’t want to make him  annoyed. B’coz the other day before catching the train he had asked me hundreds of times about my documents . That’s  why  my throat was unable to utter even a single word about this.

Now, two hours  passed with fully terrifying  thoughts and clock struck 9. It’s time for dinner, me and my dad went for dinner in the restaurant which is on the penthouse of a three floor building. while  moving on the 1st  floor , a shop named “JAI STUDIO”  appeared and glittered my eyes . Then, a sound full of zeal came out from my jammed mouth ohhhhhh………..

This shop had risen a ray of hope in my eyes. It was the only chance  to get  10 stamp size photos without notice of my dad. Therefore,  while   passing through the stairs reaching to the 2nd floor , accidentally I shouted “Dad I wanna go to toilet”. Daddy said its okayyyyy………., then  I went to the shop and asked for  urgent photos . In reverse,  I heard yeah!!!! Sure but it would take one hour. I told its okay , I will take it after doing dinner from 3rd floor . After this , I took a large breath with full of bliss and felt like I got  rid of all the vampires and werewolves who were  surrounding me earlier. Now, I had eluded from one of the problem but still my documents were incomplete. Then, again a profound fear seized me and my heart rate increased oracularly;  b’coz at that time all shops were closed. But my luck was still with me; when I entered in a room booked in hotel, my eyes struck towards the telephone table having a telephone with small telephone diary and a pen. It  again brought the feeling of getting psyched inside my body. But still there was a delusion, whether it was of black colour or other.  Fortunately, it was black and finally I filled up my remaining documents. After all this, I made a profound sleep.

And now I have to end this blog that I should have done earlier with a nice quintessence end for this blog : “IGNORANCE IS BLISS FOR US” so keep on matiyana on all the work, bliss will obviously kiss your feets.  Now, I will say adieu and goodbye to all of you and carry on your matiyana!!.