Four years of college life and lifetime memories. Well there are numerous things that each of us will be missing in the future, but there is something called attraction that one cannot forget. Through this short verse as a medium, I try to express the same. I hope this conveys what it is written for.  🙂


They ask for the reason of my liking for you,

But how do I tell that cannot be expressed!

Alas, here do I attempt and it goes like this…


Face so gorgeous and the pleasing brows above those pretty eyes

Those lovely hairs and the smile so beautiful

Breath- taking those closing eyelids

And that attractive ravishing mole on left cheek

Radiant shining teeth and the nose that seem to be blushing


Smooth impeccable neck and those flawless ears

Falling fringes over the face and that sense of innocence;

Is what a shade less describes the gal I adore,

One who is more perfect than one can ever fantasize


Now the cruel time will soon take you far away from me,

And what my heart worries about most is,

That sense of having you around a mile radius,

Belief of you being harmless and knowing of your happiness

Is going to be no more


Longing for that seldom glance which made my whole day

That looking for opportunities of your glimpse

That searching of you in a crowd

Is going to be no more


The shy smile on talks of your name

And that care to always back you

Those tricks of knowing about your life, habits, interests,

Likes and dislikes, wishes, anything and everything

Is going to be no more


The noticing of your reaction

And the heart beating so fast when we cross

Endless talks involving you

And that imagination of us in every passing couple

Is going to be no more


Leaving everything on seeing you,

To not let that crucial moment to pass

That desire to walk with you around the streets,

Holding your hands and talking ceaselessly

Is going to be no more


But what am sure will always last is-

The hope of you understanding the feelings

The creed that someday time will turn in my favor

And the dream of being with you forever.

–          Mayank Gupta

            Final Year B.Tech Petroleum Engineering (Batch 2014)