We’ll meet in Paris someday, she said. I’ll be walking down one of those quaint little paths towards a bakery and she’ll pass by me along with a friend. And then we’ll both stop at the exact same moment, turn around and take a long, hard look at each other. It will have been years since we’d have met or talked but familiar faces are hard to forget. She’ll confirm my name, and I’ll know hers. And she’ll introduce her friend and I’ll wish her a good afternoon in French. And she’ll be impressed. And then we’ll have that awkward silence which people often have when they meet long lost friends. Suddenly the ice will break and we’ll be like old times again. The last time we’d met we hadn’t said our Goodbyes. I’d asked her not to. I had told her, “When we meet in Paris, you can have your Goodbye. I’ll be walking down a street and so will you be. And we’ll meet and we’ll talk and remember this time. And then, when we’ve had the best of what Paris has to offer, we’ll say our Goodbyes. But until then, let’s not have a Goodbye. Let’s not even pretend to have one.” And she’ll remind me of this phrase I’d said. And I’ll laugh at my immature foolishness. And why should I not. It will have been 20 years since, when we would have been young and free-spirited and full of fervour. We would have survived not saying goodbyes back then. But by the time we reach Paris, our hair will have greyed, we’ll be leading a morbid life, trying to fit in. We’ll have lost the purpose for reaching Paris, and maybe that’s what we’d be searching. And she’ll still remind me of magic. And I’ll still remind her of happiness. And she’ll ask me on a trip around Paris. And although I’ll have lost the enthusiasm of youth and the will of enjoyment, I’ll still say yes. I’ll say yes, because I’ll know that this has to be and will be the day of the Goodbye.With us, it’s always been more about fate and chance and luck then decisions. And then we’ll tour Paris, like Paris demands to be toured. We’ll climb the Eiffel Tower, we’ll visit the Louvre, we’ll walk along the Sienne. But we’ll also eat at a small bakery, sit down at a roadside cafe and talk of old times. Of the 20 years which we will have missed trying to grow up and live a life. Of the brokenness which our lives will have endured. Of the happy times which we had had. Of everything under the sun. And we’ll be young again. Maybe that is what Paris does to you. Gives you back that one chance to live life again. And as the sun will set, I’ll see it in her eyes as she’ll remember the promise we made. We’ll get up and say our Goodbyes. She’ll say that we should meet again tomorrow but I’ll know that it will be a hollow promise. Because she will have accepted monotony as her routine, the moribund life as her companion. And so will I have. Trying to do away with them can lead to serious repurcussions. And so this time, with a gulp in our throats, we’ll shake hands and say goodbye. No promises will be made, and no sentences will be left incomplete. And as I will turn around to walk away, she’ll call out my name one last time, “ Au revoir, my friend.” and I’ll look at her for one last time and whisper to myself, “La magie.” And she’ll smile and I’ll walk away.


The next morning, as the sweeper will be cleaning out infront of the bakery, he’ll chuckle as he remembers the previous evening. He’ll hum to himself,


 “Oh dear Paris, this is what you do.

A city of love and old friendships too.

You break their hearts, in such a style.

Even when they walk away,

they still have a smile.

So many an unfinished goodbye,

Get their due under the blue French sky.

I saw one last night,

them walking away into the twilight.”

Anamitra Munsi

Hello everyone!! I am a fun loving guy..and love to discover new aspects of my life daily.. facing challenges is my hobby you can say!! Well I'm sure you must be thinking how weird this is.. right? Well, it isn't, and you'll know why only when you become my friend.. and believe me.. am always ready for friendship.. 🙂 have a great day!!cheers!!

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