With the end semester exams coming closer, a deadly virus, BTMO (Bond To Maggu Overnight) commonly known as ‘Maggu Virus’ is spreading among the ISMites. This virus has the capacity to make any so-called ‘Bond’, a Maggu overnight. The first victim of this deadly virus has been spotted a few days ago. According to reports, the boy was caught studying after 4 in the morning and after that he went on to attend the classes from 8 in the morning. He wouldn’t have been caught only if he would have cared to shut down his laptop. It was found that he was studying on his laptop through pics of notes and video tutorials.


His room-mate was the one to spill the beans. According to him, he went to sleep at 4 in the morning after watching a movie. At that time, the victim was having earphones in his ears. His room-mate thought that he was also watching some movie. When he woke up in the morning the accused was not in the room (it was later found that he was attending classes). He decided to watch some explicit material on his room-mate’s laptop (as his supplies were running low). It was then that he saw the PDFs and tutorials minimised.

He was shocked to see this as he was not the usual Maggu type. He used to have fun with friends and used to hang out at RD in the evenings. After this incident, his room-mate has lost faith in humanity. “He could have been studying all the time when we thought he was alone with his laptop watching movies or explicit things!”, said his distraught room-mate, shuddering at the mere thought of it. He would take some time to recover from the shock.

Every year this virus is known to attack the college periodically leaving many new Maggus behind. Most of them get cured, but some are permanently affected by this virus. Students are trying to set up a committee to tackle this virus. It is believed that it is highly contagious and room-mates are instantly affected by this virus. It also spreads through contacts even on WhatsApp or Messenger. The cure for this virus is still not known. So beware!

Incidents like this have also occurred in past. But the main question is “What are the factors favourable for the propagation of this virus which prompts one to commit such blasphemy?”. Was it the exam pressure? The exams which are given way more importance than they should have been or is it the fear of being spotted studying by peers in broad daylight and branded as Maggu which makes us an easy target for this virus? So many questions but no answers as yet. The victim has refused to comment. According to him, all this is some misunderstanding and these are conspiracies to malign his bond image in college.

Meanwhile, his room-mate has changed his room as he did not want to be infected with the virus too. We have decided not to disclose the name of the student due to our confidentiality policy. However, as we know, ‘news travels faster than the wind’. Word has somehow spread and while you are reading this article he is being removed from WhatsApp groups to contain the spread of the virus.