A giant wall in front of us blocking our path ,
Even then ,we’ll never turn our backs away
Go forward to reach the goal with our friends
Nothing impossible as long as I’m with everyone
My passionate samurai soul is like a flash of lightning

Now call out ! To the high skies !
It’s all right,we’re here by your side

Life isn’t over yet!
I clunched my teeth and hung on
I couldn’t help but cry
but everyone patted my shoulders for me
I felt awkwardly embarrassed , so i couldn’t say it
“Thank you”for our bonds
No matter how dire the situation is , you aren’t alone,
I’m here

The smiles of our friends are everywhere
I got stronger! I couldn’t have done it by myself
I’m superthankful that we came across each other.

The heart which trusts your friends entirely no matter whatever the illusion is