Good things come in small packages and this is the tiniest of the package. If we take a closer look at the image, this wordless image, two mathematical equations express the importance of the little goods in a very beautiful manner. The timid “0.01” is the difference in our character that comes from our small endeavors. Let us say, a day’s work. And the 365? Yes, you got it right, the number of days in a year. So, mathematically, we can be 37.8 times more efficient and better person in one year. It is equally true that we may reduce our worth to 0.03 times of what we are today.
But the work every day is certainly different from that of the previous day. What then, is the one thing that is supposed to be common in each and every day? It maybe our approach towards people around us or it can be our temperament. One thing is for sure that we must know ‘THAT’ one thing that would decide whether “0.01” has to be included or excluded from the equation every day. That pre-decided “0.01” is the New Year’s resolution. It need not necessarily to be something big or ambitious (like becoming a nine pointer, not getting angry etc.). What I’m talking about is the small positive stuffs that has the potential to make a difference and at the same time is way too easy to be included in our lifestyles.
A simple smile can cheer up your mood. In fact, not only yours but of all the people around you. It can be Wishing someone good morning/ have a good day with a smile, no matter if he/she is a complete stranger to you. All we need is to spread out some positiveness around us. There are so many people (maybe including you!!!) who unconsciously have a tendency to find out the problems in each and everything. Many-a-times, we tend to overlook the brighter side, which makes us “0.99” times a day. Be positive! Always try to focus on the positive things, be cheerful, be happy, make a new year’s resolution, and be 37.8 times more awesome than that you are today.