International Newsmakers 2012

  • Obama Re-elected Second Term as US President
  • Gangnam Style – Most attention grabbing video of 2012
  • London Olympics 2012- India ended it with 6 medals, 2 silver and 4 bronze.
  • Facebook debuts on the stock market in what became one of the biggest (or at least most decried) IPO disaster mankind had ever witnessed 
  • Ongoing Syrian Conflict
  • Mars Exploration Rover mission by NASA
  • Mayan calendar Prophecy Demystified
  • Costa Concordia Cruise Ship Sinking

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National Newsmakers 2012

  • Veteran Bollywood Director : Yash Chopra Passes away
  • Incident of violence against North-Eastern people in Pune as repercussion of Assam Violence, terrifying people in nation through rumourful SMS
  • Narendra Modi re-elected as Gujurat CM and news regarding his next PM candidature.
  • Anna Hazare and Team making news through out the year
  • GOD of cricket : Little Master Sachin retires from ODIs
  • Eminent leader and Shiv Sena founder : Bal Thackeray passes away
  • Villian of 2008 Mumbai attacks Ajmal Kasab Hanged till death
  • FDI in retailling Implemented
  • Nation in grief over Delhi gangrape case and demise of the victim and protest against it continues

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