This is Malvika Adarsh, a mollycoddled 20-year-old kid trying to paint this life of mine using the canvas of my imaginations…
I believe in bringing a change, creating a difference and bridging the gap!
I believe in equality for all even if that requires me to break the glass ceiling!!
I am different and erratic and I am here to voice my concern!
That’s all I guess!
But the story definitely goes on!!


On the Couch

Or under the boughs

When I sit down in pensive mood,

A déjà vu mesmerizes me

Memories flash across my inward eye.

Somewhere ages and ages hence

I would dig my nails in the sand,

And want nothing more than you to come back

And fill my life with as much joy as you can.

Oh! My childhood days!

Where are you gone?

No Ludo now,

No playing in the mud,

No crying for hours together,

Only to be molly coddled by a mother.

Do you have any inkling?

That to catch a glimpse of you,

I relentlessly keep running up & down,

Quite oblivious to this mundane and moribund life.

I know it is only you who shall take me to a

World full of ecstasy.

Petty tiff with friends

On no nuclear deals, but just on trifles,

Would be forgotten in a trice.

And soon we would be seen together rushing

Out of the school to catch the bus,

Finally reaching home in a total mess.

But that would not be the end,

I would again worry mumma after the evening cycling rides,

With unkempt hair and shabby clothes,

And then the little reprimands would follow one after the other.

In the end, the sweet innocent grins would resolve all the troubles.

Somewhere I wish if I could bring all these days back again?

When happiness flowed in abundance in my life?

And only smiles were to be found on my lips,

But, I still smile and smile

Deeply engrossed in a world of mine.

Remember friends,

Soon there will be miles and miles of smiles

And hence, life will become worthwhile.

But, if we smile.

But, if we smile.


-Malvika Adarsh


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