I need help!

Dr Ajay Verma, the cheapest therapist she could find was the obvious choice.

“Hello Tanya, cup of tea?”

Tanya nodded her head in rejection while Dr Verma helped himself with his tea. Tanya took a quick glance around the room, a sofa adjacent to the wall with a painting of some trees and a river, may be some weird psychological thing. In one corner of the small room were books, lots of books; and in the other was a desk. Dr Verma gestured her to sit in the chair in front of the sofa while he sat on the sofa sipping his tea.

“So Tanya, how are you today?” asked Dr. Verma with an inviting smile.


“Oh I’m incredible today, in fact I’m so happy that I couldn’t resist the urge to pay a visit to a psychiatrist!”

Tanya waited for response but all Dr Verma did was smile politely and looked at her.

“There has been some umm… incidents recently.”

“What kind of incidents?”

“I don’t know if I should share it with you.”

“Tanya you need not be embarrassed about anything. Whatever it is, I am sure you will feel better after you share it with someone.”

“The thing Dr Verma, is that I am not sure if I can trust you, or as a matter of fact, anyone with my life’s secrets.”

“The confidentiality agreement pretty much states that you can trust me, doesn’t it?”

“I was 17 when my parents died in a road accident….”

Tanya felt relieved and soothing as for the first time in her life she was telling someone all of her desires.

“Last year Neel was selected in St Stephens. With all the money we saved, we paid the fee. Last month I got a job as a primary school teacher here in Delhi. Neel came to receive me at the railway station. He looked weak and dull. You know, he always used to whine about the crappy food served in hostel. We took a single room apartment on rent. Things were going pretty smooth till last week.”

“Keep going.”

“Doctor, out of your many patients, you must have seen many people who did something terrible. Something for which they cannot forgive themselves.”

“People tend to be hard on themselves, which is good to a limit. But one should let go sometimes. There are things that cannot be amended, but only accepted. Recognizing the difference between the two is the key to happy life.”

“Neel has undergone a major change in the last year. Within a week I had a feeling that something was wrong with him. He always looked terrified of something.” Tears flowed down her cheeks as she continued.

“Last week when I came back from school I saw a man probably in his 30s clutching Neel’s collar and yelling loudly “Where’s my money!!”. Neel was pale and frightened as he saw me in the room. The man looked back at me, pushed Neel towards the wall and said “If you don’t pay my money. I’ll make sure she does” before leaving the room.

“What the hell was that Neel? And who was that guy?” I could not make any sense of what I just saw.

Who is this man? What happened with Neel that changed the siblings’ life forever?

Find out in the final part….