So, here you are, a glorious faccha of IIT (ISM). Now that you’ve come to college , we at ISMDiaries thought we’d give you some pointers , in order to facilitate your survival in this madhouse, because trust us, things are gonna get pretty crazy around you pretty soon….

Apart from the ‘maal’ fests, mouth watering mess food, super fluent “bit”ernet , you’ll be exposed to a number of new customs and traditions , all of which are invariably dependent on whether you are one of the 40 freshers who reside in Opal or a part of the 800 odd ‘junta’ that resides in Jasper . Take birthdays for example, where cake is applied like a blot of cold cream when it comes to girls and shoved into your face (not just the cake :p) (and not just your face as well :p) if you’re a boy. And need we mention the world famous ISM GPLs, whose cries can be heard at the Howrah bridge on a silent night .Armed with a variety of assault instruments, ranging from leather belts to lethal chappals, you’ll have no clue as of who the hell hit you as hordes of your batch mates charge towards you with a barbaric zeal in their eyes. This is just one of those differences that you become conscious of throughout your first year here at ISM.

Let’s talk about you girls now. As we always state, ISM is NOT a femi-nazi and believes in equality. That’s why Jasper is way closer to the classrooms than Opal . Though Opal may be significantly closer than Shanti Bhavan , last year’s fresher hostel(don’t even get me started), you’ll still be hating the fact that boys can literally jump into their beds once they’ve heard that a class has been cancelled. By the way, have we mentioned those lovely afternoon siestas that Jasperites tend to enjoy, thanks to their geographical proximity to their classrooms? Also , with a maximum of a dozen girls in a class, it is herculean task for you to get a proxy, when opposed to about 80 friends who literally force a boy to not give his attendance in order to hone their skills. Also note that the M.Tech gate in Jasper stays open till 11 p.m. and effectively destroys the purpose of having a 9:30 in-time for everybody (p.s Jasperites – Integrated M.Tech ID cards qualify as legit ‘matka’ IDs when it comes to the gate guards. Envy boys yet? Don’t worry, we’ll be bashing their lifestyle as well……..

Now about the disadvantages of being a boy- Ever been to a Manufacturing Process workshop? While you guys work your butt off on those lap joints and shoe nails , girls get to enjoy the department WiFi (Opalites- if you don’t, then you’ve got the wrong idea of a Man.Pro. workshop), as well as get their precision crafted jobs made by the assistant. When you’ll think about the thing you envy the most you get two options, the LAN timings and the freedom to wear anything or roam anywhere in the campus without ‘fear’. Some curse the first option more. This notion is not even eligible for comparison as girls do not even have timings, they have all time access!! The second option is followed by those kinds of people for whom it takes a whole semester to go to the Amul parlour alone. Then there is the thing that you’ll have to bear throughout your four years, the overgenerous attitude of the professors towards your female friends and not so generous behaviour towards you.Girls have got round-the clock LAN for god’s sake! What else could you possibly need? We’ll be ending this article before we feel any more miserable.

This being said and done, it is these very differences that help you coordinate with one another better. Want a proxy girls? Call one of your classmates. Need a 1080p print of Suicide squad? Holler out to those internet enabled Opalites. These diiversities are what make your first year a memorable one. Whether you are a boy or a girl , fun comes out of breaking rules and with the kind of rules that you’ve got in ISM, rest assured you’ll enjoy this madhouse of ours to it’s full extent.

Yours sincerely,  Amber B-316 (feel free to drop by :D)