10454284_660830770690693_8566637965111342640_nWith the 20-20 feverish trend on, one surely knows the value of a dot ball. If you ask the great Shaun Pollock, he says it is worth gold. But in an engineer’s life, a free lecture…, .ask me and I’d say it has no limits.

But what is it so important that they do during a free lecture.

Here I am reporting live the activities of a class during a free lecture. Happens to be the 4th lecture of the day.

“The lecture has begun and here we have Harshit and Raghav (nerds) discussing the features of the projector while Ahmed and Naman are busy discussing the theft plan and escape route if they were to whack off the projector. And oh!!! The girls are as usual upto gossiping, so it’s better to leave them out of the discussion (with all due respect, no personal issues please.)

Reporting to the P.A. gang (pichhe aao gang, they are usually late for the class) we have khushal Taranjodh and Yash all standing by the clock in the class ”abe sala, isko 20 minute age kar de, akhri lecture wala bahut pakata hai.” Well, this is what they say.

While Utkarsh, Kushan and Rakshit are busy playing “ kaun banega ayush ka pati .”, we go straight down to the M.A. gang(mat aao gang, they are the bunkers on mass level) and see what they are up to. And here they are crowding the electric circuit board.”oye 3rd wali M.C.B. gira sari building ki udd gayegi”. “Nahi sale iss taar ko kat dete hai, kal bhi off ho jaye gi.” Well that is enough for students to guess what’s going on.

The BBA(the back bencher’s association) members seem to be indulged in a serious GD. Taking a closer look at what they are planning, and oh!!!  I realise they desperately want another free lecture,

Avash- “abe mass bunk pe chalte hai.”

Nadir- “sale CR se bolte hai aakhri class off karvaye.”

Ammar – “abe naya CR banao yaar, ye koi kaam ka nahi.”

Suddenly the CR comes and overhears it. We all know that last hopes for another free lecture are over…   .

And so the full lecture passes with students trying their level best to get just another free lecture. They have worked more than they would have during an official lecture”.

And still the professors ask “HAIIINNN, YE LECTURE OFF THA KYA???????”, as if we’ve just ventured and returned from America for free.

NOTE- “The above events are NON-fictitious and any resemblance of events is purely NOT a coincidence.”

“No copyrights, so can be followed by any branch, but in case of any discrepancy (PANGA) all jurisdiction are liable to D.S.W. office only.”

WARNING- “All acts performed under genius budding engineers, so please DO try at college”.