The annual sports fest of I.S.M Dhanbad, ‘PARAKRAM’ is one the most prestigious college sports fests organised in the nation. More than 500 participants from more than 20 different colleges participate in the fest lasting 3 days. Sports indeed do have a unique unifying effect, a fact readily accepted and embraced by many eminent personalities like Nelson Mandela. Organised with the sole motive of bolstering camaraderie among various colleges, the fest is one of the most awaited ones for many sportsmen across the nation. It provides them a great platform to showcase their skills before an ever encouraging crowd of sports enthusiasts.

This year PARAKRAM was organised from 6th to 8th February, 2014.

The formal inaugural ceremony of the sports fest was organized at the lower ground by ISM administration. The teams from different parts of the country that had traveled far enough to reach the soils of Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad along with the ISM teams were present at the lower ground for being addressed by the dignitaries on the Dais.

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The chief guest for the event was Dr. Ratna Lahiri. She was accompanied on the Dais by

Prof. B.C. Sarkar, Convener of PARAKRAM 2014

Prof. D.C. Panigrahi, Director, Indian School of Mines

Shri P.K. Lahiri, Chairman, General Council & Executive Board, ISM, Dhanbad and all other sports officials of ISM, Dhanbad

The event started with the Oath taking ceremony hosted by Akshay Anand Jha, sports secretary. The team members took the pledge of maintaining sportsmanship and discipline throughout their stay at ISM.

Then Prof. B.C. Sarkar addressed the gathering and welcomed all the sports men to ISM following which Prof. D.C. Panigrahi came on dais and insisted on maintaining discipline and following the very basic rule of sportsmanship i. e. Being on Time (since the event had not started on its scheduled time of 6:00 PM).

It was the chief guest Dr. Ratna Lahiri , who came to address the gathering. She mainly focused on team work because  proper coordination and understanding can win any game for you. She thereby declared the fest to be open!

Finally Shri P.K. Lahiri held the dais and motivated the athletes through his inspiring words. He also praised the layout of the PARAKRAM Brochure that has been provided to the dignitaries present there. He took the example of Rafael Nadal as how he managed to become the world’s top tennis player through his hard work and perseverance.

The ceremony ended with the breathtaking performance by Kartavya kids who showed their yoga skills and were appreciated by one and all present there.

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The preliminary events started on the 6th of February, 2014 with most finals being held on the ultimate and the penultimate days. The table below provides information about the various events and their results-

S.No.     Event                                                                                    Winner/s                                                                                  
1 Basketball (Boys) I.S.M
2 Basketball (Girls) I.S.M
3 Volleyball (Boys) I.S.M
4 Volleyball (Girls) B.C.E.T Durgapur
5 Cricket I.S.M
6 Football I.S.M
7 Lawn Tennis (Men’s Singles) Sumit Kumar (Jamshedpur)
8 Lawn Tennis (Men’s Doubles) Sumit and Amit
9 Badminton (Boys) I.S.M
10 Badminton (Girls) I.S.M
11 Chess Rakesh Kumar (I.S.M)
12 Boxing & Wushu (65 k.g) Kumar Abhishek (I.S.M)
13 Boxing (48 k.g) Asif Ali 
14 100m (Men’s) Murari
15 200m (Men’s) Murari
16 Triple Jump Karthik Naik
17 110m hurdles Prudhvi Sagar
18 400m hurdles Prudhvi Sagar
19 4*100 Relay I.S.M

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Congratulations to all the winners as well as the participants. In sports, the effort is hard but the taste of success is indeed very sweet.

For 3 days I.S.M witnessed extraordinary contests between very talented youngsters and all of them played hard but fair. I.S.M Diaries on behalf of all ISMites would like to thank all the eager contestants and we would look forward to your participation in PARAKRAM 2015 as well.

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