• Bhokali Profs – They are not so common. Some departments have couple of them many others have none. They have hundreds of projects, awards, published research papers and many other achievements under their belt. ‘Studying’ is the best option for getting a good grade. Raise a doubt in the class and they’ll either spend the whole lecture making you understand this or will reply  ‘Very interesting question, Will discuss it in the next class, by then research over it’
  • BengOli Profs – They are most common here at ISM. Give them a choice, they will prefer to teach in Bengali. Knows a little and pretends to know-it-all. Highly unpopular and ways of getting a good grade from them is a mystery.  A word of advice for deciphering their language – ‘A’ is pronounced by them as ‘O’.

  • Mr. ‘I don’t know any shit on topic’ – Even when most of us hate attending lectures, they are the most hated ones. Somehow they manage to land as faculty and then they reap the benefits like ISM is their forefather’s property. They will always pretend to know everything and believe me you don’t want to face him in vivas. Want good grades? Simple – ‘Pothe pee lo’

  • Mr. ‘I don’t give a shit’ – They are the ones whose aim is to become a veteran of the field and earn as much as one professor can. Best in the breed as per student choice. No need to attend his lectures, no need to study a bit for vivas if he is taking it, no need of night out for his paper and best of all No One FAILS unless you leave the paper blank.   
  • Fresh-of-the book – They are the one who has just completed their Ph.Ds. Always nervous, sometimes attend class of veterans with the student itself, always try to prove himself, front runner in screwing students (behind their back) and give a 1000 page notes copied from every possible source. And yes for scoring a pass marks (because they don’t believe that student can’t get more than chaggi), write every irrelevant thing from any relevant topic.

  • ISM Passout –  They are the most ‘raulledar’ of among the breed. You might think that since they had undergone same B.Tech hurdle, they might understand you and your problems better but this is far from the reality. They are always ready to screw you. Even worse they are aware of your tricks and techniques. So Beware !!! 


Mining Engineering 2012 (B.Tech), ISM Dhanbad.

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