Recalling those days
when she wore a smile.
A beautiful smile.
A cheerful smile.

It was those days
when they were together.
Strongly and deeply
in love with each other.

But now the story
is not the same.
She knew nothing
about the game.

She was so addicted
to the way he pretended.
That he won the game
and she didn’t know
they were playing.

She was left lonely & alone
with tears as her only companion.
But she stayed strong
and let go what was hurting
her heart & soul.

He came back by saying
he got millions in his pocket.
But she always searched for love.
He pleaded ’cause he wanted her back.

She knew forgiving was easy.
But trusting again was difficult.
So, all that she could do was.
Say thanks for showing that
nothing remains the same forever!!

Rumika Oraon
IIT (ISM) Dhanbad

Team ISMDiaries

The entire ISMDiaries Team comes together to create articles to be shared via the Team ISMDiaries handle. What you are reading is a culmination of efforts of several members of our team and no one in particular.

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