5000,2000 or 100 – roses were not at their normal price,nor was there charm.

Something unusual ,something weird-not with the rose but with the mindset of boys :-p

Yes!!! Basant – it was !!!!

Officially –Alumni reunion –but who cares!!! Neither me nor u .

In a nutshell ,it was “money day” for girls n “propose day” for boys.

So, wat was red?

There was a girl n here saree was red.And my friendz,I am not talking about “this” red.

Her white face reflected the red colour.Her face was shining and blood red added to her beauty .

But wait a minute !!! even this is not the red that i am talking about !!!

She had a rose in her hand,though,with thorns not only around rose but around her .

Proposals around – not 1,not 2, but numerous like the numerous mosquitoes on tht humid,dusty, sunny day.

But again there was something unsual,something weird !! this time the bee wasn’t running for the rose rather the rose was running after the bee.

Yes!! The gal was in love!! I forgot to mention that even girls have got the right to propose-this basant .

So, she went towards the most charming “bee” of the “ISM bee clan”,bent on her knees ,n here she goes “I LOVE U”.


Finally its not the blush nor the red sun,but the anger on the boys face tht was red!!!

I must tell u that “right to propose” does not guarantee acceptance and so “our” boy sed – get lost !!!

And the “basant girl” replied – ok! dont accept , buy it dude!! Rose was red n so were u !!!

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