I miss those school days when we gossiped, cracked jokes, loved and
temporarily fought each other on stupid things. Though we’re in touch
even now by the blessings of social networking sites, THAT thing is
still missing and no social networking site can bring ‘that’ feeling

Whenever I relieve those fond memories, every time, I feel nostalgic.
I laugh and cry remembering those jokes that we cracked, the names
with which we called each other, the topics that we discussed during
peroid-breaks, the names that we gave to our teachers, our play in the
tiffin break, and everything that can’t be expressed through words.
I’m blessed to have friends like you, guys. Love you all.
We’re really different because we remain in touch even after our
school life, we organize reunion, and have endless fun. We have kept
our promise.
Hope, we meet soon.

-Swastik Chakraborty

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