She sat on bed, He knell down on floor..

His hands around her waist, Her hands around his shoulder, and eyes locked on him…..

He was curious to listen, for he waited so long to embrace this moment…

And then she started….

“My eyes…” interrupted he saying “Beautiful…”

“Shut up…. And let me speak…” and she continued with whispering voice…

“My eyes… Always want to behold you around…

My ears.. Always want to listen your melodious songs…

My nose.. want to deep inhale the aroma of your skin..

My lips.. Always wanna chant your name..

My locks.. want to get tickled by your fingures..

My hands.. Always want to explore you..hold you….

My legs.. want to either follow your footsteps or to walk beside you..with you..

Because… Every piece of mine..every inch of mine..whole in me..

Loves you….only you….”


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