Amidst the shadows, was a girl;

Waiting for her bus, her eyes pearl.

Wind blew that stroke my heart,

Causing her face to pin like a dart.

Days past watching her at the same spot,

Seemed like I was tied to her by a virtual knot.


Finally, I met her & she accepted my friendship.

As days past, it was on the tip.

But I was on the road of love,

Though alone in the alcove.

I never confessed it to her,

In the fear of losing her


I waited for the right time,

But that day took my shine.

Reality came like a ferocious wave,

I was choked like a naïve.


For my dreams were shattered

Like dead leaves in a fierce wind,

My hope still alive.


Days were hard to pass by,

Sobbing alone in the open sky.

It was time to share the feelings,

Albeit it won’t be appealing.


She insisted me to forget her and move on,

But I was stubborn on my path to carry on.

Every now and then she broke my heart,

My life was running on a tormented cart.


It was second of November, her birthday came,

I gathered my wits, called her without being lame.

She picked up the call,

And we had a talk with no LOL.

I wanted our friendship back,

But she denied like a jack.


It was time to go away,

And walk with the sway.

This the decision I made,

Compelled my heart, the love to fade.


This is what she wanted,

This is what I gave.