We are being told continuously, that competition in ISM is increasing, but I never realised it until the last week. The neck to neck competition amongst various societies, NGO’s and individuals to sell T-Shirts to first year has left me overwhelmed. It is a foot in the mouth to those critics who say ISM junta is Matiyau…. I don’t think any other college has such a healthy competition and such dedication towards a common cause.

The strategies used in selling T-shirts can put Arindam Chaudhuri to shame, coz these people have certainly “Discovered the Diamond (or coal I say)” in them. These strategies range from not so elegant techniques like coercion and blackmailing to elegant eloquent pothe. Sentences like “tumhe baad mein dekh lenge” have turned into weapons of mass destruction.

In this breakneck fight to earn as much money as possible there emerges a clear winner. The first among equals, The honour among thieves. While others simply changed facts a bit to sell their t-shirts, that guy forgot that there is a thing called fact. Well as you all may have guessed he is the one selling CON- Cetto t-shirts (pun intended). I really feel that guy deserves the award of “Salesman of The Year” for selling his conscience.

A word of advice to first years, before buying any t-shirt please contact any senior you know and remember that no t-shirt in ISM is compulsory, but there are a few t-shirts which are worth buying.

And for my batch mates, shame on you all. Few months back you were totally against this and now you are the ones doing this. “Kuch to sharm karo”


Preyas Srivastava

I am a guy who likes reading and hanging out with friends. I have keen interest in politics and like to discuss it whenever and wherever possible. I am also a guy with hope and conviction. Hope that India can become better and Conviction that we will together make it better

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