Shell being the dream company of many ISMites. Team ISMDiaries decided to take the interview of the students namely Siva Dutta and Sumit Brijwani  who achieved PPO @ Shell, so as to get better insights about their preparation, activities and potential which ended them @ Shell.

Interview of Siva Datta 

Team ISMD – First of all congratulations sir for your PPO in Shell.

Three years back you took a chance and joined ISM Petro. Did u have a master plan at that time only????

“I didn’t have any plan as such, particularly for Shell. Yes, but I was career focused. I kept in mind the basic elements of success like GPA and Extracurricular but never forgot to enjoy the college life.”

Team ISMD – What are the differences you have observed in ISM junta of your batch to your junior batches?

“Changes have taken for sure and mostly for the positive. I believe, my juniors are more competitive and competent which is in turn improving their overall personality. The participation in various societies and competitions has increased leaps and bounds.”

Team ISMD – It is said that ISM junta is Matiyau. What according to you are the reasons behind it and any measures to improve this situation?

“I think, it’s mainly because when you land in ISM we remain confused on what to do and what not to. There are very few opportunities of research in ISM making people lazier.

To improve the situation we have to take initiative from our side. We have to set new limits and go beyond what seems to be possible. We have to be passionate.”

Team ISMD – The qualities which gave you an edge over others.

“TEAMWORK!! Being a part of SPE, Petrotech and Kartavya I got immense experience in teamwork. Working as a team to organise Srijan also helped me a lot. It gave me opportunities to develop my interpersonal skills. Nowadays, companies give more preference to Interpersonal Skills over Technical Skills but then I believe that Technical Skills are an integral part of engineering and you can’t take it for granted.

One more thing which helped me a lot was that I read a lot.”

Team ISMD – Your experience during the 7 weeks internship.

“It was an enriching experience. I was scared and nervous at first but the atmosphere there made it comfortable and fun for me. The seniors there continuously helped us with their valuable advice and inputs.”

Team ISMD –You were a good boy or a bad boy??

“(Laughs)……..I was never an ideal student. I had most fun in classrooms. I used to run out of the class crawling behind benches and at times even made funny noises (continues laughing remembering those moments).

Team ISMD – Any plans for higher studies??

“Well not in recent future but I may consider to do PhD later on. In my opinion it is better to get JobX before pursuing higher studies.”

Interview of Sumit Kumar Brijwani

Team ISMD: After clearing JEE you opted for Petroleum Engineering at ISM Dhanbad. Did you dream about Shell from the very beginning?

“(A mild smile) Initially, I was not even aware of Petroleum Engineering, I just prayed –Bas Naukri lag jaye…during my 2nd semester my wish list narrowed to just Shell, Schlumberger and Cairn and then I met one of my seniors who got a PPO in Shell and I wished that I could also experience the same lifestyle like him…and that’s how Shell came into my radar”


Team ISMD: What according to you, were the traits that gave you an edge over other candidates of your batch?

“I had a good GPA that complimented an equally good extra-curricular activities. I was very much active in societies like SPE, Petrotech, NSS, Kartavya etc., got selected for the core team in numerous societies. Whatever I did, I always had an professional approach to it. I organised Cricket Premier League during Parakram which was done in a very professional manner. In that way I combined my passion (cricket) and professionalism.”

Team ISMD: What are the changes that you observed in ISM the past few years?

“Well, you guys certainly have less freedom than what we had in our time as a result of which the most beautiful element of ISM i.e., the Senior-Junior relationship has been compromised.”

Team ISMD: Tell us about your experience during the Internship. What are the qualities that Shell seeks for in their potential employee?

“The experience at Shell was ….(long pause)….simply amazing, something that I as a third year back then couldn’t imagine. The people there were very co-operative and friendly. I worked with people from various nationalities. Even the interns were treated as a part of the Shell Family. The interaction was overwhelming.

Coming to your second question, I believe Shell looks for people who can work successfully with a team. He must be responsible towards the society. HSSE is something they worship at Shell. The competition is very tough, of the 1355 applicants only 19 got the PPO after clearing 10 rounds of evaluation.

One thing is for certain that ISMites are very strong technically but lags behind when it comes to inter-personal skills and that is a big drawback.”

Team ISMD: Any comments on the girls of ISM (or lack of them J ) ?

“(… J …) During my initial days I realised that ISM surely lacks female population and with such a skewed ratio, getting a girl here is tougher than getting a PPO in Shell. But as I got busy with societies etc., I never really felt the need for it. As the trend goes, a Shell Boy scores a girl …so I am certainly expecting some….one (blushing!!)

Team ISMD: Ok back to serious talk, any plans of Higher studies?

“ Bhai aage nahi parna hai!!!!!!!!”


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