She’s like the sun, bright and fun.

She’s like the moon, hidden beneath a cocoon.

She’s like the stars, shining through her scars.

She’s like the angels, dancing in the skies.

You’d see the infinite if you look into her eyes.

She’s like a volcano, fuelled by fire.

Been trying to fulfil her heart’s incomplete desires.

She’s like the rain, not just drizzle

But a hurricane.

She’s like the oceans, deep and profound,

Vast in her thoughts, mighty in her resolve.

She’s like time, moving at her own pace.

She’s like Dora the Explorer,

A girl on an adventure to

Re-discover her soul,

However complex may she seem to you?

She’s like her dreams, she lives in wonderland,

Where, along with Alice, she designs her castles grand.

She’s like a submarine, swimming far below the surface.

She’s like the balloons, flying high above the lands.

She’s like the cheetah, running wild with her thoughts.

She’s like the snails, taking each step measured to the core.

She’s like today, the best day.

She’s as shy as a wallflower, until you see her soul,

And still you’d have seen only half of the whole.

She’s congenial, in need of like minds.

This is the only wish which her heart now binds.

She’s my friend.

She’s herself.

Anamitra Munsi

Hello everyone!! I am a fun loving guy..and love to discover new aspects of my life daily.. facing challenges is my hobby you can say!! Well I'm sure you must be thinking how weird this is.. right? Well, it isn't, and you'll know why only when you become my friend.. and believe me.. am always ready for friendship.. 🙂 have a great day!!cheers!!

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