Social media has revolutionised the way of communication.Today,we can talk face to face with a person sitting thousand of miles away.But as we all know,with merits there come demerits. I wanna bring attention to an adverse disadvantage of social media and that is..

Teenagers of current generation r spending more time on fb,whatsapp,snapchat etc. this not only brings them away from the beings around them but also takes them away from an oppurtunity to develop themselves. How ? More the time we spend being online ,lesser the time we have to indulge in activities like writing,sketching,playing etc. A guy who used to write now don’t even bother to lift the pen to put his thoughts on the paper coz he finds it easy to scroll through the newsfeed than to try and form his thoughts over something.Some with intense passion still manages to find some time but those who were developing their passion misses out.

How will they develop when their minds will be occupied by the thoughts of what to post to get more likes or the different memes with which the newsfeed is flooded. Day by day,spectators are getting increased and performers are getting decreased. What i want to convey is the need to encourage curricular activities so that they could get a justified position on a teen’s priority list. Thank you

Thank you
-Abhishek Rawat
IIT (ISM) Dhanbad.

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