A very simple and plain guy belonging to minority community whose family begged
door to door for survival but,

He used to be optimistic and look forward,
But people drag his leg, calling coward.
He was sad, as
People called him mad.
But he keeps his thinking high and pure
And this makes his destiny secure.
Despite all unfavourable factor
No one stops him to become a great doctor.

But what happened, on 11th
august 2012!
He stood there,
His mind gets shocked with fear,
As his community get targeted in communal riot,
Houses getting burned after an atrocity fight.

The attackers went berserk. Women’s were molested, And whole community get
assaulted. Lives were damaged and butchered Attackers trampled on their dead
bodies, rejoicing revenge. And this major furore were captured by his sight, now
His watery eye besides love and calm
Filled with revenge, vengeance, Anger and pain 

Due to such, fanatic idiots insane
And finally his lovely childhood stories
Now turned into bitter memories.

This broke his mental spirit and decided to leave country. He felt so grieved about
people and was almost weary.

 – BY

Rishu Kumar