Social dynamics is a really strange functioning phenomenon. By understanding it and then learning its etiquette and rules, you can make more and more friends. Many people don’t have social groups and many of them find it very difficult to make friends.It is very easy, people who have large social groups are not differently blessed or talented. They just unknowingly follow all etiquette and rules.

Before college, i had hardly 2 friends and they were also only for studies work. I was a very introvert person. I was not at all social.But after coming to college, I made a number of friends and now have large social group.

So discussing those etiquette and rules, let’s start with ragging. Never think you are giving ragging because the present scenario is so chill. It is just interaction. So first tip is to interact with some senior and learn all the etiquette of a good well behaved and well-informed student. This will make you human (you need to throw away your over confidence and foul attitude).The quicker you learn the sooner you can start interacting with more seniors. Dude look, more seniors you know more “Rangbazi” you’ll have in your college life. Be a good junior. When said , write assignments and do their classes too.

Friendship with your batch mates is a little bit tricky. Some people say that -“70% of our friendships are done at ‘Chai-Sutta’ shops. Some also say that -“friends who grab beer together are friends for longer time”. Well I personally don’t suggest such things. I will say participate in mischievous jobs with your batch mates. Don’t ever try to complain to the professor about anything.  Never go to classes on Mass Bunks. Always share your notes and assignments with others. Never remind professors for the assignments, ”PROXY”-it is something that makes you “bros for life” and same goes for helping in exams. Do Group Study and help each other to do well. Try to invest in people so later you can harvest. Never miss a “GPL” and never pity the target.

Friendship with your juniors is very simple. You know how your seniors have treated you and same you have to follow. Take ragging (P.S.-interact) and teach them to behave. There is a popular quote-“If they don’t fear you, they won’t be good to you”. Your juniors must respect you and fear you as well. Don’t be a jerk to ask your juniors call your name because this mistake can lead you to lose all your friends and respect as well. Abide by the culture of college, always give your juniors treat after they do some of your works. Be polite to them and at the same time be strict/fearsome when the time comes. There is also a popular saying-“Juniors ka kaatne wale kisi ke nahi hote”.

There are some miscellaneous habits to learn and put to practice. When it comes to pulling legs, never spare any one of your good friend. Work in College Fests-this way you will be able to meet a lot of active members of college and lot of other people. If you have interest then work in college politics -this will make you learn diplomacy, have experience of organization and management, will give you leadership opportunities and you will have direct influence over the student councils of college that actually strengthens your reach and position in college.

Don’t backbite anyone. If you are told a secret, keep it secret. If some fight breaks out, don’t be just audience-either stop and help compromise or choose a side. If there are rumours (not vulgar or foul), spread them among your friends and enjoy the fun. There is nothing bad in making fun of Universal Classified Dumbass people when your friend is also doing that. This lets people believe that you are of their type. Be informed about the girls in your college. Girls are usually the hot topic of discussion among boys. Support girls, but don’t be a feminist. When love of your friend gets committed with someone else, you have to make him high that day. If your friend loves a girl, its bro code that you can’t love the same girl.

Switch from playing games like Clash Of Clans and Clash Royale to CS-GO and Mini-Militia. Most important of everything, just go ahead and talk to people. Help them out and never be shy to ask them for it. Watch TV-Series like GOT, FRIENDS Naruto etc. and just go ahead and discuss the hell out with them. And don’t give spoilers.

Conclusively, it is very easy to make friends. Have a good heart and open arms to all, and other will like you.

-Rishabh Nigam
IIT (ISM) Dhanbad.

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