A string of events took place after the sensational inning of AB de Villiers. Had he known that his knock of 149 odd runs in just 44 balls would lead to such chaos in the world, he would never have dared to take such risk. It all started with a press conference at EA headquarters building at Redwood city, California when the CEO of the company claimed that it was EA sports cricket only, that gave AB the confidence to hit runs at a strike rate of 339. The conference took a sharp turn when a representative of Stick Cricket denied the claim of team EA, “AB has never mentioned playing EA sports cricket ” he clarified, “while we have records that he downloaded Stick Cricket just a couple of days ago.” The EA team was deeply offended with the insult at their own headquarter by a trivial android game, and soon the peaceful conference turned into a heated discussion which later turned out to be too violent and obscene to be aired. Meanwhile in India, Rakesh Roshan persuaded NASA the presence of a Jaadu like alien, following which every bags of the spectators as well as the players were thoroughly checked and AB was also interrogated for hours. Unfortunately, NASA did not find sign of any alien and AB was left wondering EE GAZABE GOLA HAI!!!!!!! The regular chant of Rahul Gandhi continued who believes that AB could only score tons of runs because women are much more empowered in RSA than in West Indies. “I believe”, said he”virat and rohit can easily break the record if people are not constantly worried about the safety of women”. However, nobody paid much heed in his thoughts and as usual it went unnoticed. With the effect of Dhoom-4 in Jasper, the vigilante Batman(a.k.a. Ojha ji) with his bunch of Robins(the guards) had the time of their lives as they were responsibly locking the rooms left open(even during the time when one went out to pee leaving his room unlocked!) and charging fines for the same. With every ball crossing the boundary, locks were clicking and money was being drained out of pockets of the students. It seems like AB did not only break records in the field, but the chaos created outside the field is equally prominent.

Disclaimer– Any Rahul Gandhi fan who feels offended after reading this, I sincerely want to inform you that I’m really sorry about that, Oh who am I kidding! I feel offended when he claims that he has the capability to become the P.M. of the country. All the events are purely fictional and any resemblance to ISM’s Jasper hostel is purely intentional!