I consider myself to be a very lucky person. Lucky, not because I have an able body and a stable mind. Neither do I thank Almighty that I was born to wonderful and caring parents. I even do not care to thank Him that I was born in a house with emotional and financial stability. But yes, since the past few days I’ve started to thank Him for a favour that I least expected to ever matter for me.


Now before you skip this post considering it to be yet another inciting article from a Hindu fanatic with a mission of saffronizing minds, I would like to make it clear that, that is not the case. I have never had such grandiose plans and in fact I’m just an ordinary mortal thanking the immortal for making my life a little comfortable in a ‘secular’ nation. I in fact feel bad for a few not so lucky ones who by a few (although the numbers have been steadily rising) sections of our society are considered untrustworthy and treacherous.

Whether you accept it or not, there are many advantages of being a Hindu in India.

  • I don’t have to stop eating beef because I never started it. I even get to stop others from having it because it hurts my sentiments (although I can consume alcohol and pork freely).
  • I can marry anyone I want, I don’t have worry about reverse Love-Jihad. In fact some people would honor me for propagating ‘Ghar Waapsi’ and for ‘Saving my Behen by Bringing a Bahu.’
  • I can openly criticize the present government policies without being branded a traitor or being asked to go to Pakistan. Yes, a few people would call me ‘sick-ular’ but that’s always better than being branded as an anti-Indian.

Now some people may argue that there is a Hindu Code and not a Uniform Code and I do support that argument but overall one has to concede that today it does augur well to be a Hindu in the world’s largest secular nation.


People throughout the nation are rightly enraged over the recent lynching of a man supposed to be consuming beef in Uttar Pradesh. But such incidents are not uncommon. A few days ago a Muslim was beaten in Mangalore for accompanying a Hindu girl, another was denied a job in Mumbai because of his religion and last year another person was killed for supposedly posting anti-Shivaji comments on Facebook. The event in Dadri was thus an inevitable burst of communal hatred that culminated by claiming the life of an innocent person.

  • But why are such incidents occurring?
  • And even if they are, why are their numbers increasing alarmingly?
  • Since when were our hearts filled with such abhorrence and animosity that a mere rumor justified the lynching of our neighbour?
  • Since when did we become so insecure that someone’s eating habits begin to threaten our beliefs and sentiments?

It is very easy to pass on the blame to politicians, to say that they incite people and provoke them to carry out such activities. To say that the people who lynched Mohammad Akhlaq were tactless and innocent villagers who carried out that horrible crime in a moment of frenzy. To brush aside such an incident as a lone act that though terrifying but unavoidable in a large nation.(Bade bade deshon ki choti choti baaten).

But to say this would be wrong.

We need to accept that this is our fault. In our rush towards economic development and materialistic growth, we have been guilty of neglecting our gradual moral decadence. We have been guilty of believing that this goal of being intellectually and economically developed is the panacea for all our diseases. And due to this negligence we have conditioned ourselves to tolerate sporadic incidents of communal hatred throughout our nation. In fact we’ve become so used to certain remarks and activities around us that we fail to notice deep rooted prejudices and dogmas.

The incident at Dadri wasn’t a one-off case and it won’t be the last one. To reduce and totally eliminate the occurrence of such events we need to uproot the deep rooted biased notions in our society and react to things that we find wrong.

  • So the next time you hear your friend ridiculing people as ‘Mullahs’ or ‘Chamaars’, react against it.
  • The next time you hear your parent advising you not to marry or be friends with a person just because of clash of religious/ cultural beliefs, react against it.
  • The next time you hear a politician trying to woo people on the basis of caste or religion, react against it.

We hate Pakistan for the way it treats religious minorities. Reports of Hindus and Christians and even Shia Muslims being harassed and looted and murdered enrage us. We were the architects of Bangladesh, we fought Pakistan in 1971 for mainly ethical reasons without caring about stiff international opposition. We protest against Tamil massacre in Sri Lanka. But the need of the hour is to introspect, to look within one’s house to bring it in check so that it doesn’t go astray like one’s neighbor’s abode.

India is an ocean that has happily accepted and assimilated various cultures, traditions and beliefs. The world still recognizes us as a culturally diverse and a tolerant nation not as a nation where you get killed for having beef. Let us try to maintain this image.

Rahul Mazumdar

Hi folks! Can't say much about myself (still exploring) but my friends may serve u better. Thanx a lot for sparing your precious time for reading my blogs. Please don't forget to give your valuable suggestions & comments that would help me to improve my writings. Have a nice day!!

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