oops! I think the previous article “THE UNEXPECTED GIFT” demeans or hurts the feeling of someone, so in order to console him, writer is forced to write another part i.e. part 8.

People get into flirting knowing it is going to be a fling. Any guy gets into it, thinking it’s a relationship and only when it’s over, he scratches his head and says “it was just a joke and I screwed up”. Even after budding short relationship status on facebook, one goes on looking for someone, who will make the stars in the sky little brighter for him and transcend into a different world. I think it’s better to believe that love is always waiting right around the corner and comes when it comes.

As usual, story begins with a very simple, plain guy who wasn’t a big extrovert and hardly been dumped or sucked and always been a staunch supporter of true love who believes in freaking out of these things. But things changed thereafter, pretty drastically when first look of her gave deep imprint on the very nerve of his brain. Beautiful, sluttish, irresistible womanly grown, her flaunting legs, cute dimple smile followed by perfect curve with perfect *****… (I will not go deeper: censored)………; this first impression might be the best enrapturing sight ever for him.

Issh….. That’s gross. Really!….. I mean yarr, if you really saw this much in just first look, then definitely you are not behind Sherlock Holmes

Curled up in your bed and when no one to cuddle but your pillow, and dreaming with open crow eyes and trying to implant a plan within own body, to avoid unnecessary mumbles and hide his geek nerdy skills while facing her, in order to stop getting rejected outright by her, and thinking something about her (which is again censored) is usually a phenomenon called fantasy generally followed after this all enrapturing sight one gets.

I mean…… what the hell, implanting a plan…..approximately same what happened in movie Inception, but I think you are not Leonardo DiCaprio.

Although story just end after this, in most of the cases. But in some cases story gain momentum, and there were, frequent meeting, tryst, movie, kfc, McDonald etc. But again the same, story unwittingly started turning from one side while other side unconsciously, insanely mad behind her. Yesss…..you guessed it correctly, it’s exactly the same what we call nowadays is BREAK UP. I don’t know how he feel, may be its hyperventilating , distracting, getting pissed, felling misfit for her,,,,,,,,,,,, whatever ,,, OHH MAN ………C’MON …..Why are you derogating your character?

Sitting side by side and little chit chat doesn’t mean she is nudging you naughtily and before again the censored fantasy grabs you should know that shaking hand doesn’t intend that you yearn to hold her hands forever.

I mean yarrr …. C’MON ……Is this, an innovation of a student?