Beyond small cities away from home
life in ISM passes on google chrome
not much to learn from technical books
read the life sinking in ethanol brooks
without a girl on red campus so far
learn to sing n’ play guitar…
O’ one poor soul so many classes..
exams approach n’ semester passes..
whenever abused by some senior or proff
bow our head and say F*** off!

one day thou shall get placed
parents will congratulate for what you have faced
merry making and dance will ensue
while the company will wait for you
few months after the college days
you will lose all the hay day craze
market and market all around
age of ignorance so profound..
team leads and managers on your head
will shout with their faces ugly n’ red
time lines dead lines meetings in hours or two
hold your self and say F*** you!

life has come and life will go
you will grow old before you could know
who created the soul and what to do
O’ its ethernal melancholy there’s nothing new
people and people as far as eyes can see
the fight of the self with the inner me
you shall write and write and talk and talk
you shall get alone and walk and walk
a certain point in such contemplation will come
the heart will long for silence and freedom
the F word will be the savior that day
laugh at me if you wish you may
but O’ dearest friend O’ my brother
I have seen it all, have chewed the leather
Al Pacino said what to do when stuck
whenever in doubt – F***!


Chakresh Singh CSE B.Tech 2010, ISM Dhanbad.

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