Life sustaining on earth is a result of thousands of years of evolution. The weak beings died and the strong lived and evolve. Survival of the fittest, as Charles Darwin stated is a cardinal law of nature. These thousands of years of evolution was in fact a race. And what kept them running was fear, the fear of death.

Stuart is a normal person just like us. He wakes up early and goes to his office regularly. He spends time with his colleagues and in the end goes back again to sleep. He works arduously to earn for his living. He’s restrained and sincere.

He likes to brag about the Bentley he drives. He gasconades about his expensive outfits and his handmade leather shoes.

But, there are a few things wrong with Stuart. He wants to have the cheap coffee at the 7th street and not in Starbucks. However, he never goes to the 7th street and walks in a Starbucks every time. He wants to wear the local blue musk scent they sell near the downtown and doesn’t want what they sell at Chanel. Still, he wears Chanel. He wants to have the king sized burger what they serve in a truck in the sesame street and eat it with his bare hands. But, he ends up eating in a five-star restaurant.


He does so because he is afraid. He is afraid of the four horsemen. He has always been conscious about these four horsemen.

Thousands of years of one big race have lead to the evolution of the prehensile species, humans. Further, humans have evolved to live in a society. The society in which we live in today has also evolved and is complex, as complex as a web of a spider. It is loomed by us and it affects our living to a great extent.

The race of survival back then has given rise to a new race, the race to gain excellence. But all these complexities have lead to the rise of a new kind of fear. The same fear which haunts Stuart.  Fear from the four horsemen, the fear from “they”.

The four horsemen of apocalypse were mentioned in The Holy book of Bible. However, the horsemen of whom Stuart is afraid, are not from the Bible because Stuart’s fear is not the fear of death. These horsemen do not exist in reality rather is created by Stuart himself. Their existence is insubstantial. Still, they appear in his real life every time with a dynamic appearance. These horsemen are every “they” who have ever affected Stuart’s life. It’s because of them he eludes himself to have coffee from the 7th street or to wear the local scent or to eat from the food truck. What they’ll think, what they’ll say is what has ever vexed him.

In reality, there’s a bit of Stuart in everyone who creates these four horsemen around him. We, in our daily lives, are generally affected by what other four people think of us. And it’s not just about eating from a particular place or about wearing a scent. It’s about every small thing that might have made you feel less ever. It’s about every compromise that you’ve made in your life because of the four people. Okay, you might not approve of this statement at once, ask these questions from yourselves once.

Have you never felt insecure about yourself in front of others being devoid of something you think matters? Have you never felt fear somewhere you thought you couldn’t match the sophistication of the other four?

What I’ve said doesn’t need a conclusion. The fear and the horsemen are nothing more than an illusion, nothing more than dark dense fog. All you need is a torch.

Happiness can be found in the darkest of times if one remembers to turn on the lights.