It was 4:30 AM. The sky was clouded. Crimson lining on the edge of the clouds had just started to appear. Whilst most of it was dark and violet yet the little crimson outshining created a perfect juxtaposition. The birds chased each other and chirped. It seemed as they have just realized their freedom. The cold breeze rushed and as it passed by me it made me feel every inch of my skin. As it crossed my ears it whispered an old story which it had been narrating for ages. It passed by the leaves creating a natural chime. However, it was silence what distinguished all these subtle sounds.

I sat down on the ground and supported my back with the wall adjacent to it. Then I laid back but in the process I accidently hurt my head. However, I didn’t straighten up my neck in reflex because indolence had spread all over my body. I decided to bare the pain, which in fact hardly lasted. Mosquitoes stung my legs. Instead of making an effort I let them have their share of my blood. I won’t get killed being bit by a few mosquitoes, I thought.

Powerless and inactive, I tried to do nothing but just breathe in and out. I tried to empty my brain. I didn’t want to think of anything. Still, thoughts swung to and fro in my head. I tried hard and harder, it became tough adversely. Soon, my mind was puzzled with all the random thoughts. From fortune cookies to Zippo lighters, Maria Sharapova to four leaves clover, thoughts with no head and no tail, no end and no beginning.

As one thought led to another, it all converged to the same point where it always converges. My thought again found itself directing it inside the dark room of my mind palace. In that room exists the unanswered questions that had rattled my mind in all of my solitude and all of my sleepless nights. It had questions about the unrelieved secrets of life and purpose of existence. My mind tried to seek for answers which I knew never existed. I realized, it was similar to struggling your way out of a giant mud pool. The more you struggle, the more you get drowned. I realized that I had reached a saturation level. I wasn’t denying of the truth that acquiring wisdom can ever have a saturation level. Instead, I realized it was an infinite ocean. It’s known that the answers are buried somewhere deep. But, I realized I can’t swim that far long and that deep inside.

As I journeyed through the thought, a flock of parrots which flew past above me screeched and distracted my attention towards them. I looked up seeking their trail as my eyes followed them till the horizon as the sun rose. I was left blank, seeing something so serene, so beautiful. No thoughts penetrated my mind this time. It was then, I realized how nature conspires to take you aside in a short-lived parallel universe alone, give you small moments of self-realization and finally appoints the parrots to take you back to the real world.

I sat there on the ground, still, as the crimson painted the sky and the violet faded away, the birds became more active than ever. The mosquitoes flew away with abdomen bulged red with their share of blood. Feeling the happiness which bound them all, I closed my eyes. The wind blew once again and whispered the same story which it had been narrating for ages.