For when the sun will set,

And probably you have no chance for the things to reset,

With that setting sun….the content in you….finer it should get.

When you are on the verge of extinction ,

And there are cold waves cooling down all your determination;

When you are too tired of working hard,

Then you must be standing at your destination.

And should be contemplating all new creations.

The flash back should continue to replay,

For, all what you in your life have achieved,

With every slide of memory ,your eyes should fell blessed.

When the world around you will part,

And insensitivity of blood relations will tear you apart;

Then the content you have within you should return,

And your breath should get smoother with satisfied heart.

When the life will be without much assets

(as you have better owners for them),

The biggest asset you should possess.

The love of your life,

Will make sublime all your stress.

The company you have with you then, will be unconditional,

Which you, for the rest of your existence, either on earth or in heaven, with all your wish, will cherish!!