Libido /lɨˈbd/, and colloquially sex drive, is a person’s overall sexual drive or desire for sexual activity.

DISCLAIMER -This article was written whilst the writer was stupefied due to the not-so-judicious amalgamation of Maal-bro Pride and Blenders Advanced. Reader’s discretion advised.
Location: IAS Coaching institute, (ethics and psychology lecture)
Teacher:” The third psycho-sexual stage of development of personality is called the Phallic stage ie. from 6-11 years. Children at this stage start to play with their genitals and libido is liberated via the genital tract.”
The fairer sex’s facial expressions represented bewilderment for their eyes dropped dead down depicting the obvious awkwardness whereas the guys were giggling, whispering and some trying to remember their most EDUCATIONAL excursions on the web. Identifying himself as a member of the third group, the writer instantly felt a not-so- not-unprecedented stiffness in his pants. He quickly retracted his lower half and sat in a cross legged posture to prevent the Bulge from being discovered by a girl who was sitting beside him.One of the guys remarked” Sigmund Freud to boht rangeen mijaaz ka aadmi tha, tharki s@@l@.”

This not-entirely fabricated situation does give a peek-a-boo into the crux of the issue that is the haywire mentality of the average ( wait, did you call me avg. , dude 6427 ain’t that bad… okay got it, ain’t too good either ), high libido ( i submit here 😉 )  Indian male . The modern Indian male is a fickle minded and befuddled individual. Unbridled sexual desire, Sexual frustration, urge to control, challenge to established patriarchy , deep sense of insecurity and whatnot opens a Pandora’s box of vices , clouding his judgement at precarious junctures involving his career and life. He is a testosterone charged estrogen starved individual who considers anything with a vagina is an object to be lured at. His mind is in a constant state of dissonance with the animalistic Id wanting him to lurk in quest of satisfying his cravings and Ego warning him of the societal repercussions thereof.Prioritizing to spend more time and energy amidst shrimati Kourtney Kane, smt. tori black , devi sasha grey or devi < insert your favourite> than spending time with family and focusing on future endeavors only aggravates the issue. Treating women as mere sex objects not only represents the fact that blood gushes between his legs at a more ferocious velocity than his brain but also his unwillingness to accept women as equals.

Early and easy access to pornography, alcohol , lack of sex education and hesitation from deliberating with parents on the same are the pivotal factors why this guy discovers the left (or maybe right ,in the readers case ??) hand rule earlier than the actual Fleming’s left and right hand rules of electromagnetism. This matter is of grave concern for if not nurtured on the right time in the right direction these people become rapists, molesters and indulge in trafficking during the latter stages of life. The orthodox Indian upbringing is also to be blamed for the girl child is provided able counselling and supervision by mothers while the guys are left to fend for themselves, with a plethora of questions left unanswered in their fragile minds.

Who stands guilty for such a thought process of todays youth? Girls wearing revealing clothes, drug and sex rackets, patriarchy in the society across religions &across countries or rationale as vague as that of MR. Jitender Chhatar, a khap panchayat leader who had blamed spicy food, specifically chowmein, on the growing number of rape cases. The writer finds himself incompetent enough to give justifications or solutions to curb the same ( and wonders if it ever could be ). Or maybe he isn’t willing to accept the flaws and suggest remedies. Because after all, he too is an average, high libido , north Indian male……..