This post is anonymous because I want it to be anonymous. I graduated from Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad; which still maintains the status of tier 1 College in India in many people’s mind. But it’s struggling now. Why? The infrastructure is developing, Good professors are still there. Then why the hell this institute is struggling to place its students?

Indian School of Mines has a very respectable legacy of producing fine products (Look at the 70s, 80s and some recent alumni). Many of them are at some enviable positions, but they were beginners once. They earned this fruit in a period of 15-20 years. Yes, it takes time. Now all of us want to be successful like them, we wanna taste that fruit too. How big will be my bank balance? How many visa stamps will there be on my passport? These questions pop out more frequently as you proceed on your way towards the Placement season. But when it starts you are back to reality. A fall.

Some years back say in 2011 and before placement statistics were good, even if India was not performing so well in that time. But after that things became chaos. Many companies are declining to visit the campus. Even if they are visiting, their recruitment numbers going down. When students are rejecting 8 figured jobs, ISM is struggling to find a job. So according to my opinion here are some faults in the system, which are responsible for you being “Unplaced”.

Well here are the reasons:-

Poor marketing strategy

“If you can’t sell, you are out of the business”

Things are changing, but the college isn’t. We are not in the 90s anymore. During that time no of colleges offering talented students were less. So ISM because of its name was living a glorious time. Now colleges have mushroomed and companies are accessing good talents while paying less. Good for their business. So you have to develop a new marketing strategy to attract new employers.

The college depends heavily on the energy market and if any of you are following the news then you should have realized that the energy market is in deep trouble. So you gotta get out of your comfort zone of CIL, ONGC etc. etc. Start Ups, Analytic firms, Financial Institutions are trending now. Are you? It’s a simple theory “Survival of the fittest.” So now if you gotta compete, you just cannot keep eating the goodwill that your alumni have created till now. So kick your lazy butt and move. It’s time to make a new look of the college on papers and send your best guns to approach these companies. Now you will say we are approaching, but they are kicking our ass. What to do?

Do you have the requisite skills?

Go to the next point.

Lack of skills required for Employability in students

What skills do you have?

Damn good at making a joint? (BTW I was 😛 ) Best beer-server in the college? Best bar-fighter? What is it?

WTF have you got to sell?

These new age companies require some set of skills, and you don’t find them in your Mining and Oil books. It’s the power to use your brain. Are you technically strong? No. Then why on earth do you think you will be hired by a fat cheque paying firm? So get out and learn some skills. Improve your CV. Those bullshitting about Kartavya and FFI (all those lying without doing anything) aint gonna save you anymore. Go on internet. Use the goddamn Google. Find out how to cruise into these industries and what do you need to do? You want to invite these new age firms then you gotta be presentable to them. So you need to be skilled to pitch yourself.

Everything you need is there. All you need is just a push. You all got brains, but you are flushing it into the toilet.

Less alumni interaction

Every alumnus speaks about it that juniors are not approaching. So I am not gonna say anything about it, but it surely matters fellas.


You guys claim yourself as no less that any IITian. I have one question. How many startups came out of our college? You got the grey matter same as the other IITians. Then why are they better than you? How many of you really think of working on an idea from the very first year? How many? Your first aim is to get placed. You wanna be led. Pack up your lousy thought. Grow some balls. Work on an idea. Become a leader. Remember people are always there to follow you, you just gotta start.

Nobody is hiring you, well hire yourself then.

Misguidance by the seniors

Oh! Boy. It is my favorite.

“What is the most resilient parasite? Bacteria? A virus? An intestinal worm? An idea. Resilient… highly contagious. Once an idea has taken hold of the brain it’s almost impossible to eradicate. An idea that is fully formed – fully understood – that sticks; right in there somewhere.” – Inception

You all heard of it. Yes. Now let’s roll back some years and see what happened. Someone, one of our alumni of course, coined a new term and it was “Matiyayo”. That was the moment when that mahan atma planted that idea and you are getting the results of that now. He was so amazingly skilled that you can’t even trace the genesis of the idea. That boy definitely deserves a medal. Smoke Weed, Drink alcohol upto your tonsil & beat some lousy head punkass and you will get a membership of the “Bhokal” group. These are the fundas you get from your seniors. Innocent deer like guys become the one man army knida shit. Trust me I have done all of these. And it aint cool.

And stop crying in the bar after getting rejected from a company. All that drama. Dude nobody gives a fuck.

Grow up guys, you wanna be a king, then behave like one.

Note: I want the first and second year guys to take it bit seriously, cause you guys have time and you can do something NOW

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