Eons ago now it feels; a life which started as a flamboyant imagery of everything which the eyes liked to perceive, transmuted to a more complex description one would never like to express. The pint-size eyes opened in front of my own school-Church School Beldih, which taught me a life worth living with a product of magnificence and humility, but with a titanic amount of determination that I am a one destined person who was created to work for the future and improve the present.

An upsurge of ecstasy flows through me as I delve into the deep mysteries of the unaccounted past which was a moment to savor. Little by little the life treaded on and expanded the broadening horizons. Every split second there was something new, something exciting to learn, to interpret and to achieve. A touch from the present pricked like a thorn to the deep pangs of my heart. There were fantasies and upsurges which bent the soul but you cannot control the human behavior, which creates a multi-dimensional hysteria inside you.

I should forget not to mention our sculptors. The kind of clay used was far too fragile to touch but for the experts. The furnace caused us too much harm than to be thought of but it came as an understanding for us to emerge from the rabbit hole, enlightened. Immeasurable amount of thanks and respect will never vanquish but will always increase exponentially.

Colossal thoughts and myriad emotions need a strong foundation, but what cannot be spoken must be written. The pens have dried up and so has the sniffles. The arena has culminated divulging those fiction-less boundaries which must be hurdled. A new beginning is heralding us and the ones following, the sooner we fathom the mission the best will be us.

College of Engineering Bhubaneshwar.

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