The Mother of all pilgrimages-the Amarnath was snatched away from her children when the Omar government in Kashmir, India effectively ensured that the Pilgrim-ages in the state are on the decline by hugely reducing the period of permission to undertake one. Objectively speaking, concept of a pilgrimage itself is as rational as going to visit kings cross station hoping for platform 3-3/4 or walking into random wilderness in search of Mordor, but our modern world is built based on the fact that if we want to, we will be able to screw ourselves as opposed to earlier civilizations where we screwed ourselves regardless. The real issue here is not people being denied fantasy camps , it’s the fact that the reason this occurred is due to extremist threats. In case you are here on a holiday from Mars, its understood that extremists are an umbrella term for Muslim fanatics.

The Internal Rumblings :
Any impending disaster is triggered these, you wouldn’t notice them on the surface, but you don’t notice a Tsunami either until it reaches the.. – well you cant call it a beach then. District Magistrate of Kashmir, Sanjeev Verma has warned Hindus of undertaking yatra to holy cave of Shri Amarnath from Jammu before the government date of June 25 due to extremist threats . “Restrictive measures against such individuals or groups would be initiated,” the DM said, some act was passed saying the same.

The Chemical-X: 
If there is no lava, there is no difference between a volcano crater and a shithole. The lava in this case would have to be communal prejudice. The RSS-the Indian right wing is all fired up and are now issuing statements like “India needs a Hindu PM”. If I was a minority, I really wouldn’t sleep soundly it maybe has something to do with my bed being in a land of fanatics.
Impending Doom:
The RSS propaganda leads to people rehashing clichés like “When in Rome, be a minority”. But people do see this, through the statements of the RSS as minority being pampered. And imposing restrictions on Hindu pilgrimages due to extremist threats threaten to only blow the things apart, The RSS seized the mistakes made by the government in the matter and are increasingly becoming vocal about things one is not supposed to be vocal about in a secular state, yet the media is not snubbing them.
If things keep going in the same direction they would leave the government right in the middle of a mine-field, any step in any-direction will lead to a bang either by minorities feeling that they are being bullied or by the men who insist that relativity can be found in the vedas .Stuck between the bullied and the bully, Its only hope is to prolong the issue till something like yet another terrorist attack takes place when it can disguise its change in policies, perhaps its wiser to organize an inside job.