“Only a sufferer initiates a change.”

Dont let the word “sufferer” in the heading mislead you into thinking that we are the cry babies and are going to cry over the petty things like the “superfast” LAN and Wifi speed we get, the “mouth watering” food we are served in the mess or the tension for proxies. We are going to talk about some problems that we faced in our first year which may be first of their kind in the decades old history of ISM.

Let us begin with the infamous MHRD scandal. Just at the start of our session, a complaint was lodged at MHRD by a first year for being ragged by a senior. Although it was an incident of minor abusing, nothing that couldn’t have been avoided, it got the attention of media bringing infamy to our college. Another similar incident followed few weeks later. On both occasions disciplinary actions were taken against the seniors accused, thus creating a rift between the freshers and seniors. This led to a void in senior-junior relationship for some time. Any kind of contact between seniors and freshers was barred.

Next comes the PARAKRAM incident. In February our sports fest PARAKRAM was organised. It saw huge participation from other colleges. Along with a future IIT they saw what IITiansare like. Most non-IITians consider IITians to be epitome of what students should be. We are their model students. We are revered by them for our intellect but we gave them another reason to remember us. The heat of the tournament brought forth the inhumane side of ours.  Crass things were spoken on the mic during games and the crowd also seemed to enjoy it. They crossed the line when they insulted a girl in presence of her father. Her father retaliated and the matter escalated and even a FIR was also lodged. It didn’t stop here, the following days saw many brawls between our college students which lead to the saddest thing which could have happened to ISMites- SRIJAN was cancelled for the first time since its inception. The only real fest where the students really enjoyed themselves was cancelled. We were again in the news, bringing more infamy to our college.

Now between both these incidents who were the real sufferers? The answer is obvious i.e. the first years, the ones who had nothing to do with these incidents. First years who could have benefited much from their seniors were left to fend off on their own in the hustle and bustle of their new college life. They were the one (along with the rest of college) who couldn’t witness the grandeur of SRIJAN(what they say “maal fest of ISM”).

The one behind lodging of complaint was one of us but the whole batch had to suffer. On the other hand the incidents at PARAKRAM could only be blamed upon the organisers of this fest. They were unable to properly organise the event and coordinate among themselves. Their incompetence lead to suffering of all of us and we all were bereft of SRIJAN.

But what is gone is not going to come back. What can one do is learn from these incidents and vow to never let them happen again. It was a matter of shame for us that first years had to witness this side of our college in their very first year. Now as the first years it is in our hands to bring about a change. We have seen what happened and we know the reasons behind it. We are the ones who will be spending next 3-4 years in the college. We have ample time to bring in the much needed change in the system and ensure that things like this never happen in future.

Now after reading the whole article the heading becomes self explanatory. We as the ‘First’ first years who underwent through all those experiences should have a unique perspective of all things.We have a golden opportunity in front of them. Now it is upto us to make our own path for the betterment of our college and tread on it. We as the sufferers have to initiate a change and become,

“The Revolutionary Freshers of 2K15”.

-Pranav Dixit

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