A nice li’ll walk
with my friends
on the shore of a silent sea
clear sky and gentle breeze

Just like every other Saturday
the day was meant to be
But it’s enough now….
Can handle no more
the storm inside of me

While I walk silently
on the path trodden several time
a part of me stood there
faced away, and let out
the voices suppressed for too long
the small whispers that turned into

Sky turned blood red
reminding of the heinous deeds
The bridge of my faith
shaken by the storm
The storm of repeated failure
hatred, jealousy and rebellion.

The sea, pleasant from outside
turning monstrous and violent
in every glimpse of time
ready to destroy
the vessel of life

While I walked away slowly
A part of me stood there,
faced away and let out
The Scream
the scream-voices of within