The biggest festival of country has begun. The stage for dance of democracy is set. All the politicians are performers with Election Commission as organizers and voters as the judges! Every single deed of these candidates that has been wrapped under the covers of Money and Muscle power will be dig out by the fourth and most important pillar of democracy i.e. MEDIA.

Now, one of the most voter-affecting factors that have been discussed in the current elections is “SECULARISM”. Well it’s quite justified at first sight to talk about secularism in a secular country like India, but the matter of concern is not the topic but its definition!

If we go ahead with the perception of these elections according to our Fourth pillar, then this election is mainly contested between:

A Communal force led by an authoritative person whose development model is appreciated not only in country but whole world has recognized it. But it’s a serious matter of concern that people are running behind him, calling it’s his wave. You are wrong! PEOPLE! So what if he talks about development and keeps nation first. So what if he has got an envisage to apply his development model to the whole nation, he is still accused of heart breaking riots that occurred in his state some 12 years ago (although he got a clean chit for the same from highest authority of country). It even doesn’t matters that no such conflicts occurred since last 12 years in his state and all the communities are living happily and with communal harmony. What matters is that he doesn’t accept a religious cap from a particular community and it shows his communal nature!!

The other contestants are collectively known as The Secular forces. They include all the powerful leaders of states like Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, and even those running pseudo government at center. So what if these people are having track records of their government worse than that of a criminal but still they talk about youth empowerment. So what if a lady CM of this group takes no action on rape offenders and some leaders giving statements like:

“Boys sometimes make mistakes (rape), so they shouldn’t be hanged for same”

“Even women should be hanged if she is a rape survivor”

But these leaders are secular and want to prevent our culture by further curtailing women’s rights in this preciously patriarchal society. A new member of this group is even taking support of Mafia(criminal) turned politician to defeat the communal leader mentioned above!! So what if they don’t have any roadmap for development and empowerment of so called minorities but they are in continuous dialogue with those top spiritual leaders who keep on issuing religious notes to curtail women right and increasing communal tension among people. They call it secular vote and urge people that this secular vote shouldn’t be divided.


Even after exponentially increasing educated youths and so much of shift towards technical era, such type of discussions are not fading out but increasing day by day. Dividing people on the basis of their religion, caste just to fulfill their cheap political aims will lead this country to nowhere. Use your own perception! Vote someone with a roadmap of development and a vision for future! Do never get fooled by all the dirty tricks used by politicians. After all you are much more educated than them and do better understand your well being J

So go on with this old saying and

“ Do cast your vote but don’t vote your cast!”

After all

“A vote can make a change”J