NOTE: The story doesn’t intend to hurt, discredit, defame or demean the feeling of person or institute or anyone. 


Story begins:

He thinks that he is winning but why, as the minutes, hours and days pass:

He can’t control his frustration,

 As it can derogate his reputation

Friends call him super cool,

But now he had become a proper fool.

27th Dec, In dining hall, he sat on the chair, leaned toward the plate with spoon in his right hand,

He is thinking,

Feels like sinking.

Yes because of fear,

Reason is her dear.

Leaving all the rest,

He tried to impress at his best.

He is clueless and sad,

And this makes him mad.


Few days back on Facebook. Seeing her online, his obsession for her gets escalated and he forced to say

He- hiii  

He- ok bye

She- Xcuse me..???

He- there is something which forces me to say hii

And chat keeps on going.

Saying bye,

Simply imply,

The tricks to get reply

With little introduction, he reminds her about past i.e. fiitjee south Delhi where they both studied in same batch

She- sorry but i seriously dont remember u.. may b ur look has changed dats y

He-i know bcz in fiitjee i didnt did well so no chances for getting highlighted.. but dropped to get what i don’t get from fiitjee

Both are dropper i.e. 2nd year


He too knows that she get little impressed when she asked

She- where r u studying right now

He- 2nd year in IIT (******)

She- wow gr8

She is of NSIT (electrical), and he is of IIT (mechanical).


She- i didn’t recognize as i was busy on with my boyfriend

Yes, she is now sharing her personal story,

And he is enjoying this beautiful glory.

But when she says- nowadays I m single,

He takes it as a chance to mingle.

Yes you guess it correctly,

Now he started flirting directly.


And without any fear,

He changed the pace of flirting to another gear.

Because when he asked

He-boyfriend.. r u still with him

she-no i m not so lucky.. now searching 4 perfect match for me.

He- do u like to see me on your list of perfect match

She-Xcuse me..??

He-Aaaa i m not saying perfect.. Just on list

She-now your words forces me to blush 🙂


Till now he thinks that he is winning but it’s not as simple as he thinks.

He- r u feeling bored.. Or should i continue.. i think continue

She- ok

He-don’t u think talking like this consumes too much time… it’s better if we choose other alternative

She-yaa u r right. But what can we do…..

He- we can ,…so simple  … 989787****…

He-ok bye talk u later…I have to go…

After 20 minutes

She-ok bye.



   Now, He can’t control his   frustration

As it can derogate his reputation

He went crazy

Little sad, confused and lazy

He now became a confused mindless clone,

And feeling almost alone

And the minutes, hours and days passed away. As expected, she didn’t call. I mean shaking hand doesn’t mean she is groping over you and you like nuts started moaning.

Friends call him super cool,

But now he became a proper fool.


On last night of 2013 He says to himself with an IITian attitude.

My thought of you get have been disgraced

The time comes to change the pace

Look ahead, erase, and embrace

But finally he gained,

After, so much pain.

He wins,

And his face grins.

Yes, he got a call, it’s her now on phone to wish him happy new year, as I said earlier, he thinks that he is wining: yes he wins.


But suddenly he scratches his head and says “shit it was just a joke and I screwed up”.

He screams

 In his dream

Yes, she yet didn’t call him,  calling by her is only a sweet dream.  But, besides getting frustrated he keeps his thinking positive and treat his first dream of 2014 as a precious gift.

With the gift crowned

All his frustration drowned

And closed his eyes, to memorize her dear

And says   HAPPY NEW YEAR   😀