Tonight, I woke up from another dreamless sleep

And strolled upto the open window

Which let the yellow beam of street lamp peep

shining over the cluster of figures

 Faint and bright, shallow and deep.

The calm lights gave out a little warmth

To my shivering figure and reassured my fretting soul.

And so I dared into the eyes of night.

Like ever the moon came around bright

And then went back to sleep

Behind the cozy fluffs against the dotted sky.


Humble innocence flowed about with the breeze,

And amicable sounded its careless wheeze

Like Life itself snored a lullaby of slumber

Enchanting the masses unaccountable in numbers.

I felt no evil in the crude texture of the sagacious street

And saw no silhouette where the dying light with its end does meet.

And yet a heavy presence of some being

Pressed against my fragile chest

That urged halfheartedly to it to manifest.


I expected fear but the emotion that grew,

I knew nothing of, to the street my attention it drew.

Again the smooth concrete bathed in orange glow

And again to me something it tried to show.

I blinked and looked upon the street once again

But didn’t focus this time upon the surface so plain.

My eyes lingered just above it, into the space.

And there I saw it, the ghosts flying past.

Or was it something else,

 maybe I was a bit too aghast.

The reality settled into me when recognized myself

Into that unintelligible swarm.

The consciousness of people that passed through the day

Still lingered on the street or in my own subconscious mind

Silent and innocent and yet scary and yet posed no harm


To know why there was no possible way.

But the translucent figures did mysteriously steal my warmth.

A chill ran through my spine

As I turned my back to the night

My insomnia waiting for me on my bed.

Ignoring all I just thought about the bright day,

And looked forward to leaving marks on the street

Behind me expectant as it lay.




Ketan Mishra

A merry blogger...:)

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