The story which I am going to narrate here is based on Real Incident…The terms which used here like train name,station name, District name etc. are not actual one because keeing safeness of them in mind….
In the month of December after First semester completion when I was going towards my home, I met with a sweet couple in Geetanjali express whose average age are nearby 18…they are from Rajnandgaon district (CG) and both have escaped from there home due to parents pressure…
Girl belongs to Zameendar and boy also from same community but there is one tradition in CG that they can’t marry because of belonging to different Gotras…Now both are selling some kinds of foods and beverages at Nagpur station..
When I asked about them, they started telling there story from the day when they met for the first time to till now…Now they are living in Nagpur and surviving there life…
I was stunt after 20 minutes listening there story that how class 12th boy fell in love with 11th class girl and took a big decision to escape from home and I was unable to advice them; now what
they have to do for there future…I just told them wait for sometime and talk to your parents because afterall they are yours but they replied me that they have a threat of losing life…..
At last, after seeing happiness of being together on there faces,I just adviced them to live happy and rest leave everything on God…I was Incapable to advice them more than this and I felt that the Life is so weird that we can’t do anything for others….

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