Varanasi,the word has magical essence in itself. When we pronounce the word it soothes savour of our tongue and purifies us. I dont know but it has something magical which attracts everyone,it will take ages to know about the place . Varanasi has flourished renaissance at India,it has introduced art,culture,crafts,i guess varanasi is the main source of creativity! The Beauty of Varanasi has forced me to pen down for the place. Mark Twain say it all: “Benaras is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend and looks twice as old as all of them put together”. Its hard to describe its beauty.So lets just enjoy the journey of varanasi through my writing! People love to call this place by several names-BANARAS,BENARA­S,VARANASI,KASHI-A chinese traveller XUANZANG named it POLONISSE!The city varanasi has been accompanied by the banks of GANGA,in uttar Pradesh,its National Highway which connects it to kolkata,kanpur,Agra, and Delhi and is served by varanasi Junction and Lal Bahadur shastri International Airport. I never enjoyed the banks of kashi but for sure in my life i will enjoy,when we sit beside the banks of kashi it not just provides us soothe it gifts us everlasting PEACE & JOY; at any place,any situation we can retouch those experience again.The most illustrious ghat about i have heard is, probably the oldest and main DASHASHWAMEDH ghat, close to the kashi vishwanath.It has a mythical tale that Bharma created this temple ghat to welcome shiva! Feb 2 Priyal Aggarwal Varanashi is known as ” City of light ” , really when the arti happens in the evening at ghat, it lightens the city and the city wraps itself with beautiful shining Diyas. The ganga like a mother takes all the wishes of everyone in her lap, gives the love that a child wants from her mother, i wish i were a painter so i would have portrayed the beautiful picture that i m having right now in my mind!The relationship of Ganga along with those who visits at Ghat is like “a relationship between a mother and child” ! Everyone must visit to the temple of varanasi. It lets people experience the eternal peace and they themselve share their experience of feeling light! Muslin, silk fabrics, perfumes, ivory works and sculptures can be enjoyed by the wonderful place varanasi. The essence of every corner of varanasi has been collected in its perfume!Its Muslin and silk fabric suggest how wonderful history it has!


Varanashi was built during 18th century, by the Maratha and Bhumihar kings. Earlier it has been governed by the varanasi Nagar Nigam(Municipal corporation) but currently it has been governed by Prime minister Narendra Modi ji after winning the lokh sabha election in 2014 by a huge margin. I have also heard another story of the presence of varanasi is that, according to legend, varanasi was founded by the god shiva. The pandavas,the myth heroes of the Hindu Epic Mahabharta are said to have visited the city in search of shiva to atone for their sin of fratricide.

The place is regarded as one of the seven holy cities “sapta puri” which provides-                    (MOKSHA):AY­ODHYÀ,MATHURÀ,GAYÀ,KÀSI,KAÑCHI,AVANTIKÀ, and DVÀRAVATI are the seven cities known as the givers of liberation. I want to visit at varanashi not getting salvation or because it is a pilgrimage -i want to visit because i want to enjoy the soggy Ghats, the beautiful sights of dawn, soothing chirp of colourful birds, evening arti and the delicious prasad,wanna gulp the Jall of varanashi it is as gulping Amrit. Wanna take my diary at the banks of kashi and want to write thousands of my beautiful creation over there and of my beautiful creation the ghats of Varanshi would be my best companion,on this beautiful journey we will be complementing each other.

“Sometimes i want to see sunrise, seating on the Ghats of Varanasi and want to watch till its seven colour turns into only one. As the people of different religion couldn’t forbid themselves from enjoying every bit of varanasi “that’s the beauty of varanasi, even colours of sun couldn’t resist falling for varanasi” then it’s just next to impossible for people resisting . The trinity of primary colours offer to me physical, mental and knowledge of divinity. As red colour offers ‘sustenance for the physical body’ and I can connect my soul with ENTHUSIASM,and that’s enough for accomplishing dreams. I feel more close with the orange colour of sun as it brings out ‘CREATIVITY and PLAYFULNESS’ and also explores on a practical level. Green offers ‘GROWTH and EXPANSION’. And Indigo opens the subconscious and institution. ‘Blue’ is the sign of PEACE, CALMNESS, UNDERSTANDING and most important it assist in” enhancing the easy flow of communication “, to be honest I really feel i can communicate with beauty of varanasi. At last, YELLOW is about clarity of thoughts, if one would be clear with thoughts, one would be definitely clear with destination . And sometimes I feel to enjoy roads of varanasi, and to befriends with its plants, because know why? With growing trees I want to grow my friendship with varanasi as plants would be evidence of my friendship with varanasi. And sometimes I want to dip my legs into jal of Ganga.,sometimes want to breathe deeply and let go negativity of my soul that has been polluted by outside world and want to take PRASAD as blessing of Maa Ganga” that’s the last thing I would like to enjoy at varanasi.

-Priyal Aggarwal.P.K. Roy Memorial College, Dhanbad.

P.K. Roy Memorial College, Dhanbad.

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