Dear diary

                  4 dec, I have something new to share with you …help me to figure it out…#what happened

He held her tight in his arms and so did she. Each of them were eager to merge with each other. A couple of minutes later, he cupped her face and drifted closer to his. Then he landed his lips over hers. It was an awesome scenery on such a beautiful evening and it was a treat to have all this from a bench in corner of the park which was host to the love-birds. I shifted my eyes to different direction giving them privacy. Moments later I heard a slap followed by high-pitched, outraged voice “तेरी हिम्मत कैसे हुई ये सब करने की, वो भी दुसरे बिरादरी वाले के साथ.” My eyes followed the direction of source. It was that of the man in late forties pulling the girl by her hands and the boy followed them screaming. It took some time to understand what just happened but by then they were gone. I wondered “WHAT ANGERED THE MAN MORE THE ACT OR THE RELIGION?”

-Raushan Roy