You know what they say , men came from Mars and women from Venus but fools, they have inhabited the earth even before the dinosaurs!!!!! But believe me this is not the reason why dinosaurs became extinct, b’coz  foolishness is not something associated with flesh or blood, neither it is something associated with man. Rather it is an idea and idea, as Leonardo di Caprio quotes in ‘INCEPTION’- “Ideas can live beyond centuries”.

Well, coming back to the question “WHAT MAKES A FOOL”, brings us to the interrogative pronoun ‘what’ and ‘what’ is but the form following the function ‘who’. And “Who is a fool?” is a mere remark upon the paradox of asking “who is not????”. Therefore the word fool is a mere adjective until and unless acted upon with a subject and a verb, ‘You’ and ‘are’. That’s a whole set of distorted words of disturbia that you do want to disdain  to . (I sense a lot of d’s in the previous sentence.)

As they say- it’s better to remain silent and be thought of as a fool, then to speak out and remove all the doubts and time and again I am proving this , aren’t  I ?? Now as everyone is defined by the presence of something but a fool as defined in my dictionary is a vicious entity in existence mark by absence of something…. A vacuum, a null of his wits. But unfortunately it’s far difficult to find a genuine fool in today’s age. Great fools aren’t born, either aren’t they made, but they simply don’t exist. In fact you really have to be very creative to play a fool even if you are not actually one. So the next time if anyone calls you a fool, take it as a complimentary crown of creativity.

It is then said that comic books and jokes are the literature of fools because it is the very art where presence of their essence comes. However to devise the idea of what makes a fool, we have to put ourselves in the shoes of fools and try to think what they think ( only if they think i.e.) . It is often said that majority is nothing but all the fools coming together as no one but the fools are always right. And majority, as thought, is right. So we have now identified fools as the oscillating heads of ideas in consensus trying to make something foolproof.  But i suspect if one could make something foolproof because fools are ingenious.

And now let me quote myself “Wise men do at once what foolish does finally”. So now I am going to end this blog, which I should have done earlier . Adios to all the fools and thumbs up to ALL FOOLS DAY….