Still, I am on the stairs climbing upwards, but yet I can’t count the number of footsteps remaining. But yes I can still see that peak niddle on so high eagerly waiting for me. Meanwhile, I think, what’s been wrong that I haven’t gone so far, that moment my heart reminds and tells me, “Hey, wait a while, what are you running up?“. Yes, that is true that my expectations are as per my god gifted vision that’s why it tries to climb so fast. But “when I look back, I calm down”. Now you must be thinking what I am talking about. Here comes what I am so far.

Well, if you are asked to throw a metal in a river, what would you guess it to be? Yes, the answer is “definitely it would drown down the river”. Right? But, there are situations, it may float also. It is possible if the thrown metal is Lithium(Li). And it’s definitely not the effect of the water or the environment on the metal but the characteristics of the metal itself that makes it behave differently than others. Yes, it’s because of being light weight as that of water. Sometimes situations come when something different occurs in lieu of the usual and human perception fails thereon.

Okay! Enough of pulling so long. Let’s continue to the interesting part. The childhood is very nice if you have enjoyed a lot, but in the modern drastically changing society, childhood somewhere is misled to secure their future. Well qualified parents take care of all the needs of the children, managing their time and engage them in many small beautiful assignments. Well, in my case, it was something different. I took birth in a small village where the importance of education and securing life was defined by asking the children to sit for studying two hours in morning and evening and nothing else and just passing examinations were considered the satisfactory results. I got my schooling education in the residential village Govt. school where my father works. He is the person who always has been strengthening me by saying good words as per his perception & visions. His motivational words made me feel something different than others likewise I secured good results throughout the schooling. Finally got the first class matriculation. That time, out of 120+ students, only 2 students was placed in the first class from my village high school. Also out of the 2,34,741 students who appeared, only 17,137 students secured first class in the State Board of Assam in the same year.

Decision making is a big problem for those who have limited resources around and the same is for me. Financial problem has always been consistent in our family but yet there is something called Almighty that definitely exists. When I left home for my Diploma & B.Tech after matriculation, it was my brother in law’s greatness that he forcefully kept me with them for further studies and I was exempted from taking a hostel, thus a small amount of pocket money and course fee only from home was sufficient for me. Also, Managerial skills in me helped me manage very well with the pocket-money in a structured way throughout the six years of study. Time to time, it started feeling me not being any ordinary common man as per the response received from the family & the society. Yes, I was matured enough to make decisions but did not expect a vital one. As suddenly I got a Govt. job offer coincidentally when I was to enroll myself in an IIT after qualifying GATE exam. I know that the decision would be easy for the others while it was crucial for me keeping in mind the values and aspects as per our society where I was grown up. Finally, I chose the IIT and hence discarding the other because I know, the destination leads me somewhere else. Today it feels me very enthusiastic as a part of the world-class esteemed organization where I can see the moon bigger than earlier though it is still far away from me. Here comes the line “Hey, wait a while, what are you running up?“ from the first paragraph that clarifies me not to be in haste as because it has started trying gain so fast despite having no loss of time & capital till date. The second line, “when I look back, I calm down”  makes me chill and slow but straight going for planning and execution as there are many who dreams to be there where I am today.

-Rajaram Chandra Shah

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