Buildings collapsing like cards , people running around for their lives,trees were ashes in a blink of eye ,the sky was dark and suddenly I spotted a UFO which soon landed this earth.

friendz !! u must be thinking that i am talking about an alien invasion. but u are wrong!!! it was the hour of death when earth was to die rather to start off fresh , but suddenly the UFO landing was the plot twist of this wild story , these extra-terrestrial creatures used their extra-ordinary superpowers to put things right . Now, the buildings were back touching that sky which was covered by a fine sheet of brightness of the sun , those trees were now flowering , and then the sound of the alarm and i woke up !!! This was by far the weirdest rather UNCONVENTIONAL dream which left me pondering with a question – why the aliens are always potrayed as devils or villains?

And then i thought how exciting it would be if the other side of the aliens was to be imagined . How about having a boyfriend or a girlfriend who is not from this planet and cherry on the pie – that fellow is unparalled to any guy/girl of your planet . Imagine your boss who pays you a lumpsum amount is an alien or maybe an alien leaves 50,000$ for you !!!

What would be your reaction if you get to know that one of your parents is an alien? How about getting a dinner invitation from an alien or inviting one???

Movies often base their stories on alien invasion but how about having a movie on aliens rescuing our motherland?

Just because we are incapable and technologically not so sound to be able to know their lifestyle or their thinking , we consider them as “bad” . Doesnt it sound like criticizing your class topper or an introvert . The other day i read this quote by Dietrich Bonhoeffer which was like “Judging others makes us blind, whereas love is illuminating. By judging others we blind ourselves to our own evil and to the grace which others are just as entitled to as we are”

We so called “ technically advanced” people aren’t yet able to communicate with the creatures having different planet address . Worse!! We aren’t even able to prove their existence . yet our great minds know that their devilish mind is planning an invasion and to me it sounds like an imagination!!!

And then i left this question unanswered “why are aliens potrayed negatively?”

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